Train Derailment Concerns

UPDATE 2/24/2023

Message from AWA. 

The DEP and EPA are monitoring the water moving forward and they will provide information from their results.  That said the Ambridge Water Authority has proactively elected to perform supplemental testing of its source water at the Service Creek Reservoir to determine if any elevated levels of VOCs have occurred due to any airborne contaminants resulting from the recent train derailment incident.  Sample results were received from our source water and showed no trace of VOCs present including Vinyl chloride.

Our water treatment plant is very effective at removal of contaminants, including Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from source water for distribution to the public, and routinely monitors and tests the finished water for these and other contaminants to ensure a safe water supply to its customers. 



Message from AWA. 

The train derailment in East Palestine was approximately 20 linear miles distant from AWA's water source at the Service Creek Reservoir in Independence and Raccoon Townships. The drainageway and aquifers feeding Service Creek and the reservoir are in no way connected to or impacted by the train derailment. Also, the DEP and EPA are monitoring the water moving forward and they will provide information from their results. With that said the Ambridge Water Authority has elected to preform our own testing from our water source."


As far as we are aware at the moment there hasn’t been any sign of contamination in surface water.

According to our Sanitarian Supervisor at the DEP, testing for contaminates which was done by another water authority (closest surface water intake in the Southwest Region to the derailment site) has not seen any abnormal spikes in anything at their intake.

 I feel confident that if we were going to see a problem, it would show up closer to the affected site first.  So far, it’s all been normal. There was some contamination across the border in Ohio but all that’s headed downstream away from here.  

We will continue to monitor the water and, as always, you would be contacted in the case of any emergency. 

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