Auto Pay
  • What is Auto-Pay?


    Auto-Pay is a method to pay your water bill through automatic deduction from your checking account.

    Note: The AutoPay set up through the portal is different because it goes through a credit card processing company and fees do apply.

  • How does Auto-Pay work?

    Once you sign up for the program and provide a voided check or personalized deposit slip, your bill will be paid automatically from your bank account. Auto-Pay can be cancelled at any time.

  • Who do you call with questions about Auto-Pay?

    Call Customer Service at 412-741-5100 during regular business hours

  • How can bills be tracked?

    Even though your financial institution takes care of your payments, you will still receive a water bill statement. You will know how much will be deducted from your account and when. 

  • What are the advantages of Auto-Pay?

    You will never have to write another check for your water bill. You no longer need worry whether your bill has been paid. Your bill will be paid prior to the due date. You will have a record of your prior payment on your bill statement. Auto-Pay also saves you money.

  • How does Auto-Pay save you money?

    Auto-Pay is a free service from the Edgeworth Water Authority. There is no charge per transaction. You save the cost of postage, any bank charges and the cost of the check itself.

  • Who can benefit from Auto-Pay?

    Everyone can benefit, but this automatic payment may work well for someone who is ill or elderly. If you know such a person, be sure that customer knows about Auto-Pay.

  • How do you sign up for Auto-Pay?

    Option 1: If you are unsure of your bank account information you can stop in the office during normal business hours to obtain the Auto-Pay form, fill it out and return it to us with a voided check (for verification purposes). This form is also available for printing here. Paper Autopay Form

    Option 2: If you are sure of your bank account information and routing number, you can fill out the online form which is delivered electronically to our office. Online Autopay Form