The Municipal Authority of the Borough of Edgeworth Newsletter
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The Municipal Authority of the Borough of Edgeworth Newsletter



During the regular December Board meeting, the Board and staff of the Edgeworth Water Authority met and reviewed and approve the Authority’s 2024 budget.

The cost to purchase water is scheduled to rise by 15 percent for the next two years. This number represents approximately 36 percent of the total budget of the Authority.  That, as well as the increase in costs for supplies, services, and utilities has driven the cost of doing business up.

The Authority evaluates the water system on a continual basis to maintain its integrity and viability. The goal is to continue to make improvements to the system gradually and deliberately so as not to drain the Capital Reserves. This past year the Authority was able to obtain grant funding as well as a low interest loan to replace around fifty lead service lines and School Street Water Line Replacement. The Authority actively seeks out grants to supplement the cost of replacing older and upgrading water lines in order to help offset the costs.  This helps to keep the infrastructure updated, water losses down and saves money on water purchases.

To ensure that the necessary finances are available to cover current and future operating expenses, capital improvements, and debt reduction, the Authority has elected to increase water rates by 5%.

The current rate increase will raise the minimum cost of water by approximately $3.60 per quarter, or $.60 per thousand. The new rate is effective January 1, 2024.  

The Board is aware of the hardship that this may cause our customers and strives to maintain a balance between rates and ongoing system integrity.